You have your website but nobody is coming to visit. Maybe you've been skating by some client referrals, but want to have a constant flow of customers. How do you stand out?
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You have a beautiful website but nobody is coming to visit. You know you should use social media to reach people, but how? Where to post? What? How often?
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"Norbert has several years of experience doing a myriad of amazing activities, including his passion: marketing and creative strategy. His talent for understanding how copy, imagery and delivery come together to be the face of a brand is unparalleled.”

Nikki Lavoie, MindSpark Research International

"We contacted Norbert to have him give a face lift to our restaurant website that he designed several years ago. He always comes up with timeless, unique ideas and understands our needs perfectly.”

Dora Boszormenyi, Kozmosz Vegan Restaurant

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